KSP Writers-in-Residence: Where are they now?

The KSP Writers' Centre has hosted multiple annual residencies for talented Australian and international writers since 1987. The list below proudly notes the publications and achievements made by KSP Writers-in-Residence since their residency at the Centre, which highlights the value of this program in its long-lasting contribution to Australia's literary landscape.

KSP acknowledges the Department of Culture and the Arts WA for its long history of supporting this program, and the Shire Mundaring for providing ongoing administration support.

Please note this list is new and therefore nowhere near comprehensive! We will keep adding items as we discover or are made aware of them. If you are on this list and we've missed something, please do email the KSP office at kspf@iinet.net.au and let us know.

KSP Writer-in-Residence Program

1987 - present

1987 and 1988: Murray Oliver

1989: Doreen Sullivan

Rod Moran, Emerging Writer-in-Residence, 1989

Rod has published four volumes of poetry and his poems have been anthologised nationally and internationally, including by Oxford University Press. Rod Moran’s 'The Paradoxes of Water: Selected and New Poems, 1970-2005' (Salt Publishing), won the 2005 WA Premier’s Book Award for poetry. He is also an historian and award-winning journalist, working as senior features writer at The West Australian newspaper.

'Undoubtedly the most important personal work completed was the final draft of a proto-type manuscript for my next book. I cannot stress too strongly the fact that the 60% of KSP time I was able to devote to this work was critical to its completion. In other circumstances, I would not have been able to complete it until well into 1990.'

Tracy Ryan, Emerging Writer-in-Residence, 1989

ABR Poet of the Month (Jan - Feb 2015); WA Premier’s Book Award Poetry (Shortlisted 2014), NSW Premier’s Literary Award, Kenneth Slessor Prize (Shortlisted 2012), WA Premier’s Book Award, Poetry (Winner 2012), Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature (Shortlisted 2012), Australian Book Review Poetry Prize (Winner 2009), The Age Book of the Year Award, Poetry (Shortlisted 2008), Trudie Graham Award for Memoir (Winner 2007), WA Premier’s Book Award (Winner 2000), National Book Council’s Banjo Award (Commended 1997), WA Premier’s Book Award (Shortlisted 1994, 1998).

'Apart from the obvious benefits of the use of the centre for writing and meeting other writers & readers, I gained a strong sense of encouragement from the example of Katharine herself as person and writer. The Centre is much more than a "famous writer's house" and at the same time more than just a working space. I hope the future writers-in-residence will find there the same literary "home away from home" that I found."

1990: Kate Llewellyn, Clem Gordon, Corine Templeton, Anthony Lawrence, Glyn Parry

1991: Caroline Logan, David Buchanan, David Cohen, Barbara Brandt

1992: Chris Mansell, Nigel Gray, Brigid Lowry, Maree Walk, Mark Reid

1993: Andrew Burke, Sue Clennell, Michael Heald

1994: Sarah Rossetti, Chris McLeod, Warren Flynn, Susan Storm

Anna Jacobs, Established Writer-in-Residence, 1994

Since 1994, Anna - under the names Anna Jacobs and Shannah Jay - has published dozens of historical fiction, modern fiction, non-fiction, science fiction and fantasy novels, with her 75th book released in 2016. In 2006 one of her novels, 'Pride of Lancashire', won an award for Best Australian Romantic Book of the Year (longer novels). In February 2016 Anna became the 5th most borrowed author of adult fiction in the UK library system, and the 10th most borrowed author of all.

'The stint as Writer-in-Residence at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre has been an interesting and rewarding experience for me. I've enjoyed a variety of activities and feel that I've become, in a small way, a part of the hills writing community. I am delighted to have had this opportunity.'

1995: Faye Davis, Stephanie Green, Zan Ross

Danny Gunzburg, Emerging Writer-in-Residence, 1995

Danny has had poetry published in The Western Review, Going Down Swinging, Verandah, and other periodicals. In 2005 he published his first book of poetry and lyrics, 'Dangerous Times With The Humourless Psychologist', which sold out of two print runs in under a year. He published his second collection, 'The Life Isn't Easy Pillow-shop', in 2016. In July 2014, Danny's song 'Nadine' won a Commended award in the WAPI (WA Poets Inc) Song Lyric Contest. His poem 'To Claire' won a Commended award in the 2014 Poetry d'Amour Competition. A selection of Danny's poetry was published in the 2014 and 2015 Poetry d'Amour Love Poems Anthology. His poem 'Picture of a Woman' won a Commended award in the 2015 KSP Poetry Awards.

'The four-week residency was invaluable to me. It gave me the time and recognition I needed to increase my confidence as a writer. I felt privileged to be able to expose my work on such a personal level to such a wide range of people, and felt that I was successful in delivering the spirit of creativity and individual expression to those older and younger than myself.'

1996: Bryn Griffiths, Glyn Parry, Karen Attard, Rose van Son, Carole Johnson, Don Eade

1997: Paul Kooperman, Susan Laura Sullivan, Cecily Scutt, Greg Bogaerts, Heather Bennett, Michelle Wandel

1998: Stephen Dedman, Kim Ferguson, Sarah French, Rob Cover

Annabel Smith, Young Writer-in-Residence, 1998

Published first novel 'A New Map of the Universe' in 2005 which was shortlisted for the West Australian Premier’s Book Award, followed by 'Whisky Charlie Foxtrot' in 2012 and 'The Ark' in 2014. She has had short fiction published in literary journal Westerly, presented at writers' festivals and holds a PhD in Writing from Edith Cowan University. In 2014 Annabel was awarded an Emerging Residency at the KSP Writers' Centre.

'The quiet cabin with its huge desk and beautiful view of the gardens and the city in the distance, as well as the interaction with other writers passing through the Centre created the perfect blend of solitude and fellowship to stimulate my creativity. The residency was a highly stimulating and wonderfully productive experience for which I am tremendously grateful.'

1999: Phillip Hammial, Kathleen Dzubiel, Patrick West, Marlane Ainsworth, Toula Demetriades

2000: Peter Bakowski, Carmel Macdonald-Grahame, Ffion Murphy, Peter Mitchell, Ricci-Jane Adams

2001: Anne Maree Rolley, Yvette Walker, Julienne van Loon, Matthew Chrulew