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   Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Horror Group   

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Fantasy Sci-Fi & Horror (FiSH) Group is facilitated by: David Wildsmith

Meets: Every Second and Fourth Sunday of the month, 10.00am - 12.00pm

Costs payable in cash or card on the day: $5 KSP-members/$12 non-members

FIRST MEETING FOR 2024 - 11 February 2024

Come on down to the suitably haunted heritage-listed KSP Centre in the hills for Perth's only Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Writing Group.

No writing experience required, but you have to have a sense of wonder, a hankering for the heroic, and a sense that Earth is not room enough. So, if you can't watch the shuttle launch without feeling that dampness about the eyes and that tightness in the throat; if you wonder what meeting an alien would be like; if strange landscapes and stranger folk give you joy, then come and learn how to give those feelings to others.

If you’ve been thinking of coming but haven’t now is the best time. You’ll get some practical writing ideas, meet other writers and have the chance to get helpful, cheerful and practical feedback on your work. I know you’ll love it, but hey if I’m wrong don’t worry - there’s free coffee.

If you are interested in these genres and would like to know more before about the content discussed at the FiSH meetings please visit David Wildsmith's Youtube channel: 

You can also join the group's Facebook page:

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