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Workshops and Events

Please note we require advance bookings for all workshops and events. Follow the links below to pay online or phone 08 9294 1872 or email 

Booking last minute? Check the online booking page link; as long as there are tickets available, feel free to go ahead and book online.

Want to treat yourself? Consider booking a KSP Retreat to complement your workshop. Make a weekend of it - convince a friend to book as well! Details here.

KSP accepts the Companion Card for all events but you must notify staff by email so a free ticket can be allocated for you. Due to COVID-19 occupancy limit restrictions on the premises, this is strictly subject to availability of seating.

View our booking and cancellation policy here.

Workshops and Events Coming up in 2023:

Myles McGuire (2).png

Since the time of the Dada artists and Beats, poets have been using found word objects to create poems and make cut ups. Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon will display her skills as a published found poetry artist to show writers unexpected ways of experiencing and creating poetry using found objects, or in our case, found words in the creation of new work.

$50 non members/$35 members 

Eventbrite fee applies

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