Volunteering Opportunities

Whether you'd like to volunteer for just one hour or 100, there are many opportunities at KSP, catering to all ages, genders, skills and backgrounds. Please email office@kspwriterscentre.com to express interest and find out more.



Board of Management


(Not currently recruiting). The KSP board - comprised of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to five regular members - is expected to manage KSP Writers' Centre activities and fulfill KSP Foundation objectives, in conjunction with staff. Board members are also expected to assist in the delivery of events and activities. Board members are elected or re-elected at the October Annual General Meeting each year.

Office Internships

(Not currently recruiting). Depending on resources, KSP offers a handful of internships per year to mature, self-motivated students or adults with working knowledge of social media and technology. Interns will have a good attitude and work ethic, and be looking for experience in administration, publishing, non-profit sector, and/or arts management. This can include an internship for the KSP Writers' Centre, or for Wild Weeds Press.


Gardening Committee


(Currently recruiting!) The KSP gardening committee is a dual advisory and operational group that play a key role in the maintenance and restoration of the KSP heritage-listed property and gardens under the direction of the committee coordinator.



Writing Group Facilitator

(Not currently recruiting). A KSP group facilitator is expected to be a member of the Centre, and have some background in the field of writing, publishing, presenting or group management. Ideally, the facilitator is passionate about writing and helping others to develop their craft, and has leadership experience and good social skills. Facilitators are expected to act as ambassadors for KSP and liaise with staff and the board as necessary.