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KSP Retreat Arrival Information


Please check-in from 1.00pm on your arrival day.


If you arrive between 1.00-2.00pm, please visit the KSP office at the front of the Centre to collect your keys.


If the office is closed or you have arrived after 2.00pm, please collect your keys from the vintage style post-box attached to the office building, to the left of the door. Take the envelope inside with your name on it. if the envelope is not there, please call Sheree on 0432434104 for assistance.


Drive down the gravel road to the left of the main KSP Centre building (marked ‘No Thoroughfare’) until you reach the car park area near the cabins. The first cabin from the top is Katharine’s former writing cabin. Aldridge is the next one down, followed by Clarke and Phillips.


Important note for contracted Writers-in-Residence and Fellows: Please remember that you have reporting requirements on completion of your stay at KSP. Before you arrive or on arrival, re-read your contract for details on the inclusions required; this will make it easier for you to complete the reports in a timely manner. It is imperative that we receive your feedback so we can report to our funding body, make improvements to the program, and promote you as an author. If reports are not returned, you will be ineligible to apply for any future KSP residencies or fellowship positions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please check-out before 10.00am on your departure day unless you have been granted late checkout by staff. (Text housekeeper Sheree on 0432434104 to enquire). Ensure you have cleaned and put away your dishes, thrown out food, and turned off all lights and the air-conditioner in your cabin.


Return keys to the vintage style post-box at the office on departure.


KSP Office Hours

Mon-Fri 10am-2pm (closed on Public Holidays). Please note that the office will also close if a staff member is on leave, running errands, or unwell, as KSP usually only has one person working at a time.


You are welcome to eat at the Writers' Centre (main house) or head out for a meal if preferred. There is an alarm code to access the Centre outside of office hours (see below). Dining options are listed in the retreat info pack. You will need to bring foodstuffs and toiletries, however we do provide cooking equipment, oil, salt and pepper and some condiments at the main house. The Supa IGA in Midland on Great Eastern Highway is a good place to stock up on supplies en route to KSP from airport. Alternatively, you might consider Woolworths or Coles online shopping to have groceries delivered directly to your cabin – consult the KSP information pack (see link at top of this web-page) for instructions.


Accessing the KSP Writers' Centre

Your key set gives you access to the main house kitchen and laundry at all times - these rooms are not alarmed. We do ask that you sign the contact register every time you visit the house.


The dining room, conference room and Katharine's Bedroom are located in the alarmed section of the house. These areas are only open during office hours and when a writing group is running. If you are a contracted Writer-in-Residence or Fellow, you will be provided with the alarm code and instructions so you can access the full house anytime.

•    Always ensure you have your keys with you before leaving the cabin (i.e. be careful not to lock yourself out). 
•    Please read the guidebook located in your cabin for further information, including internet access and security processes.

•    KSP has 24-hour security monitoring – please refer to the phone numbers in your info pack if needing assistance.
•    In the event of an emergency, your contact numbers are: KSP office (08 9294 1872 weekdays between 10am-2pm), Fern (0409409070 - anytime), or Bernie (0437786711 - anytime).

KSP Activities

KSP guests have access to an incredibly active community of writers. Consider dropping into a writing group to socialise and receive feedback on your work-in-progress. You can also book a mentorship session with a professional local writer to glean personalised advice on a manuscript. Also, don't forget to check the KSP annual calendar for any workshops or events that may be running during your stay.


Retreat Amenities

•    One double bed
•    Reverse-cycle air-conditioning
•    WIFI and wired internet using ethernet cable with USB adaptor
•    Fridge and freezer 
•    Microwave, kettle, toaster, tea-pot, plunger
•    Linen
•    Crockery, cutlery, glassware
•    Wardrobe
•    Private ensuite bathroom
•    Whiteboard and markers
•    Cork pin-board and pins
•    Writing desk and desk chair
•    Reading chair with lamp
•    24-hour alarm security
•    Garden views

Main House Amenities (the KSP Writers’ Centre)

•    Kitchen with double oven and stove, plus small seating area with electric bar heater

•    Pod coffee machine 
•    Dining area, laundry room and conference room

•    Library

•    WIFI
•    Photocopying/printing in Katharine's Bedroom (costs apply - refer to instructions on desk).

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