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‘Happy Halloween big brother!’ Taylor leapt onto my bed, laughing.

I groaned, pushing her off. She landed on the floor with an ooff. I looked down at her and saw she had her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. She got up and climbed onto my bed again, crossing her legs.

‘The pancakes are almost finished so mum told me to come and get you, buuut if you don’t want them…’

I threw off the covers and jumped into my slippers, tearing downstairs. When I reached the kitchen, I looked around and remembered that mum and dad were out on a business trip. I grumbled and stomped back upstairs. I was greeted by Taylor’s slamming door and the click of her lock, with giggling in the background. Then, I heard her agonised screams.

I bashed on her door.


Then, the screams stopped and the door creaked open. Her room was a complete mess, her toys scattered and her bed covers everywhere. There was a lump on her bed, covered by a very thin sheet. I walked over and pulled it away. I jumped back shrieking at what I saw. Taylor’s neck was snapped, her eyes open and dazed. There was blood oozing out of a cut on her cheek. I grabbed the sheet and covered her wound. I frantically checked for her pulse. I searched all around her neck, but couldn’t feel anything. I looked at her mouth and saw that she wasn’t breathing. I broke down and curled into a ball.

‘Who would do this to her?’

I looked up and around for a weapon or… or anything. My eyes flicked to her wall. Written in blood with graffiti-like writing, I saw:

You’re next

I screamed and scrambled away from Taylor. I needed help. I needed to get away from here. I went downstairs and turned on the TV to calm down and think. The news channel was presenting a breaking new story. I leaned closer to see the pictures flashing in front of my eyes.

‘Now to Grant, in New York.’ My heart stopped. My parents were in New York. My eyes opened wider to take it all in.

‘The elusive murderer has struck yet again. He has targeted two adults, one male, the other female. The villain seems to only be targeting people of one family. The Regalias. If there are any living Regalias out there, please report to Police for safety.’ The man said.

The camera clicked to two people being rushed to hospital. They looked like my parents! The message was repeated, but I had tuned out long before. I needed to leave.

I ran up to my room and got into khaki jeans and a black t-shirt. I threw a brown duster on top. I ran a hand through my short, floppy brown hair. My brown eyes sparkled with determination as I grabbed my old, black school bag. I wouldn’t be needing it for a while. I stuffed it with dark clothes and an extra pair of sneakers. I pulled it on and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and grabbed cans of food and three water bottles. I turned and saw the knife block. My eyes glistened with excitement. I grabbed one and stole some bubble wrap from the office. I wrapped the butcher knife with the transparent bubbles and put it in a secret pocket that I had in the back of the bag. The knife fit perfectly.

As I opened the door, I looked back up the stairs. Goodbye Taylor… I grabbed the spare key that was resting on the pot-plant being used as a doorstop. I looked back at my home. My eyes filled with tears as I ran back up the stairs. I flew into Taylor’s room and hugged her as tight as I could. I kissed her forehead, tucking her hair behind her ear. Someone was bound to find her. I jumped down the stairs and ran out, closing the door behind me. As I began to walk down the street, I stopped. Where was I going to go? The police? The woods? Another country? Where could I go? I looked at my watch. It was four in the afternoon. My heart ached when I remembered that my dad had given me my watch.

‘Son, you must take extreme care of this watch. It’s been passed through the family for decades,’ he’d said.

I looked at the watch. It looked like an army watch, with three circles telling the hour, minute and seconds, the weather details and an alarm. I clasped my hand over it.

‘I promise Dad,’ I replied confidently to him.

To be continued…

Written By 666 (Hallah)

666 (Hallah) Bio:

As the candles burn down around you, lightning flashes and I appear, sliding eerily towards you. A wolf howls. I raise my hand in greeting. I am commonly known as 666, but can be called Hallah. I enjoy stealing children, and picture books, and nuclear weapons. My favourite food is waiters, which is probably why your food takes so long to arrive in certain restaurants.

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