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Ghosts: Real or Not?

Over the years, plenty of ghost stories have made their way around the world. But the question is, are they actual ghosts, or just stories and hallucinations?

The first story that I would like to add my opinion to is the story of the children who drowned in the basement of the pub, the Bassa Villa.

There is a legend that hundreds of years ago, children were playing in the basement and when their mother left, it flooded and the children were trapped and, unfortunately, drowned. CCTV footage shows glasses being thrown off a shelf. Is it the legendary drowned children who throw the glasses off the shelf? This isn’t the first supernatural accident in this pub. The staff have reported feeling children brushing against them when they are alone in the pub at night.

Based on the evidence, I personally think that the ghost children do haunt the pub. The reasons that lead me to believe this is because children drowned in the pub, there are said to be ghost children in the pub, and tormented souls (ghosts) usually stay in same building or on the same street as they were killed.

The next ghost story that I would like to give my opinion on is the story of the ghost that pulled the man down the hallway.

The grave activity was again filmed on CCTV cameras. The footage shows a man walking down a white hallway when suddenly he was pushed down to the ground and dragged down the hall before getting to his feet and fleeing.

In my opinion, I believe that this footage is fake because there is no record of a ghost being sighted in that hallway. So, unless the man had done something to offend the person that the soul belonged to, or this is just one really, really, really angry ghost, then this footage is fake.

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