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Murder By Monger (Dr Williams)

(Dr Williams) Jeremy Locks was an ordinary twenty-four-year-old man, but just last Monday at around 11:00 am he was slaughtered and then drowned in Lake Monger, WA.

A local by-stander named ‘Mr Little-Britches’ said:

(Mr Little-Britches) ‘Locks was innocent, just doing his morning run when a silly old drunkard named ‘Geoff Times’ came along and grabbed him by the neck and threw the poor, old bloke into the lake.’

(Reporter) We finally tracked thirty-seven-year-old ‘Geoff’ down and had an interview with him.

(Reporter) ‘So, Geoff, we would like to discuss the murder that Mr Little-Britches has accused you of. Did you murder Jeremy Locks?’

(Geoff) ‘No sir, I certainly wouldn’t do such a thing. I was just walking by with my friend and I saw Mr Little-Britches walking past with his lunch, but although he had a hotdog in his hand, the tomato sauce all over his blue shirt was quite suspicious…’

(Reporter) ‘So you're saying Mr Little-Britches is falsely accusing you?’

(Geoff) ‘Yes’

(Reporter) ‘Well thank you for that talk. We’ll have to believe you because you sound pretty innocent, and I think we have our murderer now!’

(Geoff) ‘Who?’

(Reporter) ‘Never mind!’

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