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Feature Article - A Fictional Story

She sat floating in a light blue cloud of nothingness. It coddled her, soothed her body and relaxed her muscles. Samira wasn’t aware of her senseless state, nor was she aware of where she was.

Crimson blood caked her body, blossoming from various wounds. She could hear faint yelling and ambulance sirens, but only in the back of her open mind. As she drifted, the blood was slowly washed away from her petite form. Her eyes slowly slid open and Sam was conscious again.


My head snapped to the side, my eyes wide and frantic.

“I need the morphine! Give me the morphine! Hurry! Her right lung is collapsing! Wait… She’s conscious! She’s conscious! Knock her out dammit.” A woman yelled.

The walls of the room that I was in were blindingly white, and suddenly, my vision was filled with a gloved hand. There was a faint prick in my arm, and slowly I drifted back into the baby blue cloud, a state of boredom.

When I woke up, I was surrounded in white blankets, my nose was assaulted with sweet-smelling flowers, and a body was lying on top of me. I shrieked and the body jolted and slid off the uncomfortable bed I was lying in.

Where… was I?

I turned my head - almost mechanically - toward the person that had been lying on top of me. A shiver danced up and down my spine. I didn’t know this person. I screamed and began to panic. A random stranger had been lying on top of me for goodness knows how long! A lady clad in a white uniform rushed into my room and saw the man lying on the floor.

“You’re scared of your boyfriend?” She asked. Her accent was definitely Scottish and it fit with her blazing red hair.

Boyfriend? This creep was my boyfriend?

“Ow… Why’d you do that, Sam?” He asked playfully.

“W-who are you?!” I cried.

“So you can talk, Lassie.” The Scottish lady remarked. I turned my gaze to her, and she was scribbling something on her clipboard.

About the Author

Hannah Goldschlager is a twelve year old writing enthusiast who favours eating over schoolwork. She goes to Helena College Senior School and is in Year 8. She enjoys reading, talking to her plants and dog and collecting gemstones. Her favourite subjects are English and Science.

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