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My Time in Canada

My name is Lauren and today I will be talking to you about Canada.

I moved there shortly before my fifth birthday and lived there for four years. I quickly felt welcome with the locals since, while Canada is known for its snow and mountains, it is also known for the friendly locals. I learnt French there and picked it up quickly. I still speak it at home.

Every Sunday with my friends I would go down to the mountains to ski. There was also a local ski hill where I learnt to ski. I also enjoyed summer because luckily it got hot then. I rode my bike and played in the local park during my summers there.

The winters got really cold though. The coldest it got was -30 degrees. In winter the activities I would do included ice skating, skiing and tobogganing.

If I were to tell you any negative parts of Canada, all I would say is the bears. When camping, you had to lock up your food. Bears and other wildlife such as moose, Canadian geese, beavers, and deer inhabited Canada.

A major attraction was the Calgary stampede. It included a rodeo, food stalls and roller-coasters. I did not celebrate Anzac Day there but did celebrate other traditions such as Thanksgiving.

I made a lot of hard decisions there but the hardest part was leaving. It was sad having to leave because of my dad's job. Luckily I was prepared, having moved once before. When I moved to Australia I didn’t fit in as well but now I am very happy; though sometimes I wish I was still in Canada.

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