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Top Tip Tuesdays!

Hello and welcome to KSP's Top Tip Tuesday blog series, designed to inspire your writing habits - or just distract you for a few moments! - during the coronavirus pandemic.

These top tips have been retrieved from the KSP archives. They will be published fortnightly on Tuesdays and come to you courtesy of past Writers and Fellows in Residence.


Top Ten Tips

By Claire Potter, KSP's 2006 Emerging Writer-in-Residence:

  1. Carry a pencil with you at all times

  2. Find someone to share and discuss your work with

  3. Read your work out loud, to magpies or plants or trees

  4. Ask yourself at least once a year why you write

  5. Learn how to talk about your work in a coherent manner

  6. Read contemporary writing and try to articulate why you do or do not like it

  7. Subscribe to writer’s magazines or poetry journals

  8. Keep lists at all times

  9. Listen to peoples stories

  10. Have at least one obsessive and strange hobby.

Claire Potter is a writer and translator living in London. She was recipient of a 2006 Young Australian Poet’s Fellowship and has two chapbooks of poetry In Front of a Comma (Poet’s Union Press, 2006 Sydney) and N'ombre (forthcoming Vagabond Press, 2007 Sydney). She holds a Masters from Université Paris VII, and was doctoral candidate at Paris VII and the University of Western Australia. Her first full length collection Swallow, was released in October 2010 by Five Islands Press.

Claire's poem 'Bird Card for Lingis' was featured as part of the Occasional Poetry project and appears again in a series of writing journals created for The Red Room Company and Corban & Blair's Poems to Share partnership.

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