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Your KS #70 – Cover Reveal and Pre-orders for the Red Witch

By Nathan Hobby

My book The Red Witch: A Biography of Katharine Susannah Prichard is now listed on the Melbourne University Press website! The release date is 3 May 2022, and it will be coming out in hardback and ebook editions. I was so happy when I saw the cover as I feel it captures the tone of the biography and of Katharine’s life. The well-known photograph it uses was taken in Katharine’s sitting room at Greenmount.

The blurb declares, ‘This biography of a literary giant traces Prichard's journey from the genteel poverty of her Melbourne childhood to her impulsive marriage to Victoria Cross winner Hugo Throssell, and finally on to her long widowhood as a 'red witch', marked out from society by her loyalty to the Soviet Union and her unconventional ways.’ You can read the rest here.

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