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This group is facilitated by Emma H

For more information you can email:

We are a small group of romance writers at various stages of our projects looking for people passionate about romance and the inclusive variety it has to offer. We accept genre's ranging from sweet contemporary to spicy hot fantasy’s and everything in between.


We meet fortnightly on Tuesday’s from 6-9pm, with the sessions being a casual, social affair (bring your own dinner and beverage of choice).

During the session you can expect:


  • Discussions on our progress over the previous fortnight

  • Sharing of any great new reads, shows or podcasts  

  • Sharing writing knowledge or craft advice we have discovered

  • Talking through any issues a writer may be struggling with

  • Brainstorming as a group to help each other out when needed.

Our goal is to create an environment where every writer feels supported in their vision, remains passionate about their story and finishes their novel!



  1. This is an 18 and over group only. We are an opened minded bunch and ask that only those willing to discuss and read topics such as sex scenes (potentially graphic), violence, nudity and any other adult content apply. We do not wish for anyone to be uncomfortable or offended so please consider these points before asking to join.

  2. We are a closed group with a small number so writers gain familiarity with each other and their work, we also use a WhatsApp private chat when we are apart to stay in touch and keep each other writing. This is also a quick way to communicate if sessions need to be cancelled and as such is a requirement of joining.

If you currently writing a romance novel and feel this group may be for you please complete the survey below and we will be in touch.

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