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Millennium Earl Tries to Take Over the World: Feature Fiction

Chapter 1: Room-Mates

It was 8:40 am in homeroom.

‘Good morning, everyone. Remember that camp is coming up soon,’ Miss Bell said. ‘Oh. This our new transfer student I Blade.’

A few days later. Camp time.

‘Is everyone here?’ Miss Bell said, counting the students.

‘Good, everyone is here. Everyone on the plane.’

In the air.

‘Hey, what school did you come from before you came here?’ Allen asked.

‘Oh I… was… home... schooled…’ I replied.

‘Oh you’re the shy type. Am I right?’ Allen asked.

‘Y-yes,’ I replied.

‘It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. You don’t have to be afraid. ‘Everything is going to be all right,’ Allen said.

‘Thank you very much,’ I said.

Just then the plane tipped on its side. Then the plane landed after turning back to normal.

‘We’re here. Let’s go to the inn,’ Allen yelled.

‘Uh. I guess so,’ I whispered.

‘Well, can we look around the inn when we get there, Miss Bell?’ Allen said.

‘Wait until we get there, alright, Allen?’ Miss Bell said.

At the inn.

‘Let’s get into pairs. Allen and I, you two together,’ Miss Bell said.

‘Miss Bell, can I explore?’ Allen said.

‘Yes you may, but I will have to go with you, okay? Got it? And if you lose her, I will kill you. Okay. So make sure you know where I am at all times,’ Miss Bell said.

‘Yes, Miss Bell,’ Allen and I said.

As they walked down the halls of the inn, they came across a man. ‘Hello what’s your name?’ I asked.

‘Hello my name is Road. What’s your name?’ Road replied with a fake smile.

‘I’m ...I,’ I said, leaving.

‘Don’t talk to her, I,’ Allen said.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Because she is working for the Millennium Earl,’ Allen said.

I just kept walking. When the two arrived back at the inn, Miss Bell said, ‘It’s time to tell you your rooms. Road and I, room 4903, go,’ Miss Bell said.

‘What? No way! Road is evil!’ Allen shouted.

Chapter 2: The Slopes

They walked into their room. There were two beds at either side of the room with a chest at the end. I walked in and put her bags in the chest.

‘So why doesn’t Allen want me to talk to you?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know. It’s weird since he doesn’t know me,’ Road replied.

‘I think Allen got you confused with someone else,’ I suggested.

‘Maybe,’ Road replied.

‘Oh, it’s time for dinner,’ I told Road. So the two of them walked along the hall, down the stairs and into the dining hall.

‘Good timing, girls. You’re just in time for dinner,’ Miss Bell called. ‘Enjoy.’

I and Road collected their food, then sat down.

‘That was so good, right?’ I asked when they finished.

‘So good, Road replied.

At that moment, Allen walked down the hall towards them.

‘Didn’t I tell you not to talk to her, I?’ Allen called.

‘What is so wrong about Road?’ I asked.

‘I told you she is with the Millennium Earl,’ Allen replied. Then he left.

‘Let’s go to our room,’ I suggested.

In their room, I asked, ‘Do you know what the Millennium Earl is and what he does?’

‘Well, what I heard is that he makes Akoma,’ Road replied.

‘How do you know?’ I asked.

‘I heard it on the radio,’ Road replied making sure I didn’t find out she was working for the Millennium Earl.

‘I tell you what I heard about what the monsters look like.’ Road stared. ‘Akoma are monsters as I just said. They have more than one level. The higher the level the stronger it is. There are people to stop them in in a group called the Black Order. The people in the Black Order are called exorcists.’

‘Okay,’ I said, confused. ‘Shall we go to bed?’

‘Okay,’ Road said.

In the morning, I greeted Road cheerily. ‘Morning.’

‘How can you be this chipper in the morning?’ Road asked, still half asleep.

‘I just can. Now wake up. It’s time for breakfast,’ I said.

‘How can you be changed and know it’s time for breakfast?’ Road asked.

‘I got up at 5am and then got you up at 6am,’ I replied. ‘That’s how I am changed.’

‘Time to get up girls,’ Allen said, walking in.

‘Allen, good morning,’ I said. ‘Let’s go to breakfast.’

‘Why are you so chipper?’ Allen asked.

As the three of them went to breakfast, they ran into Tyki.

‘Hey,’ Road greeted him.

‘Morning. Road, are you with the exorcist?’ Tyki whispered.

‘Yes, but it doesn’t matter,’ Road whispered, before shouting, ‘Bye!’

‘You can all eat now,’ Miss Bell said, just as the three of them walked in. ‘Next time try not to be late.’

After breakfast, it was time to head for the slopes, so everyone collected their snowboards and skis.

‘Let’s go!’

Chapter 3: Finding Out

After a day on the slopes, Road and I ran for the dinner table so they were not late. Afterwards, Road left the room and went somewhere. I followed her and listened to her conversation.

‘Okay on the slopes tomorrow I’ll go to the millennium earl,’ Road was saying.

‘Fine I’ll tell the Millennium Earl, okay?’ a different voice said.

Wait — I remember that voice, thought I. It was Tyki. Wait, the millennium earl, that’s who Allen said Road was working for.

I ran off to find Allen.

‘Allen, you were right! Road is working for the millennium earl.’

‘I told you so,’ Allen said.


‘Why are you telling me this?’ Allen asked.

‘Because Road is planning to see the Millennium Earl tomorrow on the slopes, so please keep an eye on her.’

Allen nodded his head.

‘Thanks,’ I called as I left. I walked back to her dorm and got changed for bed. When Road came in the door I went to sleep.

Chapter 4: The Millennium Earl

On the slopes the following day I called out to Allen, so he followed Road to the Millennium Earl. I can try and kill the Millennium Earl, Allen thought. I’ll try not to get killed as well. Allen found Road and followed her to the Millennium Earl. He activated his innocence which was in his arm.

‘Hello, Millennium Earl, why did you want me?’ Road asked. ‘I was on a trip.’

‘Yes I know. We think we found the heart of innocence,’ Millennium Earl said.

‘Good, I will not go on the trip anymore,’ Road said.

At that moment, Allen came out of hiding with his innocence.

‘Millennium Earl you have caused enough damage to this world,’ Allen shouted. ‘I thought Tyki said you were going by yourself.’

The Millennium Earl said, ‘I was by myself.’

Road said, ‘Ayame must have followed me when I went to talk to Tyki and told Allen to spy on me on the slopes today.’

‘Who is Ayame?’ the Millennium Earl said.

‘She was my roommate,’ Road said.

‘Wait! Where is Allen Walker?’ The Millennium Earl asked.

‘I don’t know,’ Road said.


About the Author

Jordan is a 12-year-old girl with three siblings. While she doesn’t get a great deal of alone time, she still manages to find the time to read and write. She particularly enjoys manga, and is currently reading Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monster. She also ice skates and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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