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The Asteroid Belt: Feature Fiction

Deep in the Australian outback, there is a huge chunk of orangey brown rock, and it is named Uluru.

Buried deep inside of Uluru, there is an ancient artifact known as The Asteroid Belt. The reason it is named that is because the buckle on the belt is made out of an asteroid that fell to Earth long ago. Legend tells that it has the incredible ability to make the wearer able to fly! Nobody has ever found it, though multiple expeditions have been sent out.

One person hopes to be the first, though. Clancy McWalker has a machine made to pick up the Asteroid Belt. It is a mix between an X-ray machine and a metal detector. He gets his wallet out of his pocket and looks at how much money is inside.

“Oh, yes!” he thinks to himself. “Just enough for a flight.” He takes the money out of his wallet and gives it to the man at the desk.

“Have a nice day, you hear me? Looks like you need it.” Clancy looks down at his empty wallet and sees the picture of the house he had to sell to get here. He’s had a rough week spending all his time working on the machine that could help him get the Asteroid Belt.

“Oh well, the money I’ll make showing everyone my new flying trick will be more than enough for a house.” He boards the plane and sits back. “It’ll be a long flight to the middle of Australia.”

2 Hours and 40 Minutes Later

Clancy opens his eyes and finds himself in Alice Springs, NT, with the bright sun beaming into his eyes. He staggers out of the doors of the airplane and finds his machine in the air-conditioned building off to the side.

“Excuse me?” He asks a staff official. “What is the quickest way to Uluru?”

“Well, that would be the Yulara Airport, of course. The plane leaves in a couple of minutes if you want to catch it.”

“Oh no! I don’t have any money!”

“But it’s only three dollars.” Clancy looks at the bottom of his wallet and finds some loose change and counts it up.


“Just give me the money, here’s your ticket.”

“Oh, thank you!”

50 Minutes Later

The plane touches down in Yulara, and Clancy hops out instantly, too excited to sleep. He pointed his machine at Uluru and there is a series of beeps. Clancy nods in satisfaction as he presses a button and a pick pops out of a gap in the casing.

“Sorry Uluru, I might have to do some mining,” he says as he starts to tunnel into the rock. He has only tunnelled a little bit when the pick breaks into what feels like air. He hollows out the tunnel a little more so that he can fit through. He fits through and sees, to his amazement, that there is a huge empty space in front of him.

“I can’t believe it! Uluru is hollow!” Then he sees something hovering in the centre of the hollow area. Clancy gasps.

“The Asteroid Belt!” He runs at the Belt, snatches it up and puts it on. He feels a weird feeling. Suddenly he emerges into blinding light and he blinks in surprise. He tries to work out what has happened.

“Of course! The Asteroid Belt is making me fly. But I’m going too high! I’m going to space! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” And he’s going into space, because the buckle of the Belt is made of an asteroid, and it wants to go back up into space, so it does and Clancy dies.


About the Author

Riley Blahusiak is twelve, is taller than average for his age and is homeschooled. His family includes a brother who is very rebellious, his dad, John, and his mum, Kirsty, who owns Fun@Budding Artists art class.

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