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AFL Football in the DARK!

It was a huge day for the Werewolf Bulldogs and the Slimy Sydney Swans as they made their way through an amazing adventure into the finals. The Bulldogs were the first ever to win the AFL flag after finishing seventh on the ladder, with a victory score of 89 to 67. On the day of the Grand Final, it was tense watching the Bulldogs and Sydney Swan fans cheering along as the teams played. The players were getting more and more anxious as the game went on, especially when the points were going up and down.

The weather was extremely bad. It started to rain spiders really heavily, which made the game extremely difficult for the footballers to play, but there was nothing stopping this game from continuing. The sky was pitch black, with the blood-moon shining brightly over the arena. Absolutely no stars to be seen in the sky at all. The scores started at Werewolves at 6 and Slimy Swans at 8, the Swans were getting so excited thinking that they might win.

The weather eased a quarter way through the game, and the sky cleared ready for the second quarter to be held. The Bulldogs have combined toughness with an exciting flair during the 2016 season, and it was important they didn't drop one for the other on their big day. The Bulldogs managed to make their way up the scoreboard with a score of 25, with the Swans on 15. The Bulldogs really started to get their hopes up at that moment, but they knew they couldn’t be sure it was true or not.

The whole arena was filled with cheering magpies and screaming vampires. What a good way to support the AFL finals. It was so great to see all the happy faces on the Swans after the second quarter as they caught up on the scores. Everyone started to play extremely well, but the players were getting really rough with each other because they all wanted the ball to go on their side and stay there. At the end of the third quarter it got so tense as the scores were sitting at Bulldogs at 37 and the Swans at 45. WOW, what a tough quarter for the Bulldogs. The sky unexpectedly started to become cloudy and rain blood.

This last quarter was going to be a tough and an extremely hard game for both teams. The quarter started and you could already see that the players were really struggling. Both teams were wanting the winning flag of victory. The scores were sitting on 51 for the Bulldogs to 46 for the Swans - a really close game for both teams.

The scores picked up, with the Bulldogs now at 75 and the Swans at 66. It was going to be a great game for the Bulldogs, if they kept up the good work. The weather worsened, and no one enjoyed it at all, but all the players were determined to finish this game with a ginormous win.

It was an amazing win for the Werewolf Bulldogs with an awesome score of 89. Unfortunately, the Slimy Sydney Swans were so close, but they just didn’t manage to beat the Bulldogs this time. There is always next year for the Slimy Swans to have their moment of victory. Overall it was a very close game between both of the teams and hopefully everyone enjoyed it, even with the horrible weather during the game.

About the Author: Chauntelle Blood

Chauntelle Blood is spirited, with the gift of turning into any mythical creature, and if you get a glimpse of her you might what to avoid her. She will kill anyone she has contact with, and she is wanted in many countries. Chauntelle is now 121 years old, and she was born on the 27/07/1894. So watch out you never know where she could be.

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