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Last night a terrifying and horrific event happened. It was a Halloween night. The usual spine-chilling, eerie, ominous but unreal (hopefully) creatures were out trick or treating around Hemic Street at 10:00 P.M. Three children dressed as the three bears from the movie Brave were walking to another house to get candy when they spotted a gruesome, unpleasant, real-looking clown. He was unrealistically tall, with a very jagged and pointy knife, was walking in a weird, creepy way, and he looked like he was heading to the woods.

The three kids were scared and shocked so they ran off, and that was the last time they saw him that night. But, this morning at 5:00 A.M the clown was spotted in a bush in the woods he walked into last night, only his knife had blood on it. A few hours later, some cops went into the woods to check it out. It took about 4 hours to discover their first clue, a shoe with a foot in it, that had probably been chopped off and then the rest of the body was dragged off somewhere else.

Here is a sketch of the described beast…

Lily: Now I’m going to pass it onto reporter Ruth who has a related scenario that occurred only shortly after this one…


Ruth: Thankyou reporter Lily for that hair-lifting introduction…

We've got an insane report from the Channel KSP News! A crazy beast, presumed to be a werewolf, has hurt a man on Hemic Street at around 7:00 AM this morning, 1st November. The hurt man, Bill Stran, was found near his house, and was rushed to the hospital a few minutes later with a knife in his arm, and a claw-like scratch on his leg. His feet had been chopped off, by the looks of it.

A scared eye-witness, Bill’s wife, said:

'I was in our house, eating breakfast and getting my kids ready for school, then Bill and I hear a growl. We thought it was my neighbour's dog until we walked outside. My husband walked into the bushland near our house, and I ran in after him. I heard more growling and a knife being drawn. When I found Bill, I knew he had been attacked by something, and he didn’t look great. I was scared the creature would come back, so I dragged Bill to safety and called for help.’

Bill described the creature as a tall, dark creature with an ugly dog-like face and red eyes. It had large fangs and ears. Here is a sketch of the beast Bill described:

This event seems to be linked to ‘Mysterious Clown’ sighted just hours before, but we are sure to find out more about these disturbing phenomena.

About the Authors:

Lily Black, a beautiful, vicious, coo-coo, self-centred werewolf, she is married to a very hot, also vicious werewolf called Jacob Black. They go out at night to kill people, vampires and psycho killers, preferably vampires. They watch them go by and jump out at them, scratching their eyes out, ripping their hearts out and then scratching them to death. You better watch out for them both because their faces will be the last things you see.

Ruth is a crazy vampire who appears to be human the first minute you meet her. She claims that she's not a psycho, but merely on a different level of 'normal' to the rest of the world. Nobody really knows her age, but she looks about 13. People decades ago have reported sightings of her, the first being in 1798. There's also one clear message she'd like the world to know, however; she's still hanging around.

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