The Nether Realm

I enter through the portal, which closes behind me. Before me is a sea of red and black, with the occasional damned soul here or there. Here I am, in hell. I can't get distracted, I need to find what I was looking for and leave, for staying here too long means I am trapped. I venture forward towards high ground so I can see the entire realm and maybe find the building housing what I came here for, the Nether Virus. What I believe this will do, based on rumours, is give me powers over the essence of hell, which are fire and darkness.

After a long hike, I make my way up to a cliff peak overlooking the rivers of magma and blood and the inhabitants of hell, barely recognisable as humans. In the distance I see a large fortress, comprised of charred brick with many bridges leading nowhere, many levels, and many guards. The guards look inhuman with some large spheres of magma, some half pig-half human monstrosities, charred skeletons, and floating spheres surrounded by cylinders of what seems to be solid light. I head towards the fortress.

I make it to the fortress with only burns on my clothes, barely harmed myself. I climb easily up the poorly-made bricks, some jutting out, and reach a long bridge covered in guards. I sneak around them and follow the bridge, which leads me to a large open area filled with grey sand covered in small red plants. These are the virus carriers, the spores of which the Nether Virus emerges from. I pluck one from the ground, victorious, and return to the portal where I head back to the laboratory and make myself a god.

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