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Book Launch & Champagne Toast for one of KSP's Longest Running Writing Groups

The Writefree Women’s Writing Group, one of the first groups launched at the KSP Writers’ Centre, is set to publish their twentieth anthology Platinum Ladies this October, celebrating a milestone anniversary. All nineteen copies of their past anthologies are currently on display at KSP as part of a special exhibition.

Join us for a special celebratory champagne toast and sumptuous afternoon tea on Sunday 23 October from 2.00pm. All are welcome to attend with the opportunity to purchase a book, view the exhibition and learn more about the group.

Cartoon published in The Echo, 24 September 2016, unknown author

The group formed in 1996 with the aim to encourage women writers to work alongside other creative people and ultimately have the opportunity to be published. Over the past twenty years, this philosophy brought together would-be writers from all backgrounds – poets, artists, mothers, musicians and grandmothers. In the 2000s the group became so large the Centre launched two spin-off groups.

One of the original members, Brenda Berrisford, says ‘We have had so many interesting people passing through over the years. But we are proud to boast that five of the original members are still with us: Jill Southgate, Shirley Taylor, Dawn Abrahams, Verna Moses and myself. Also, we have many others who have been with the group for over 10 years.’

The success of the group is not limited to its impressive longevity. Since joining, many Writefree members have become competition winners and published poetry, short stories, memoir essays and fiction novels. The group even has their own logo and music, composed by one of the members, and made an appearance on the television programme Postcards.

Writefree’s first anthology The Journey featured photocopied and stapled pages that were hand-collated by the members. Today, while the group has advanced to a more sophisticated printing process, the main production of the book is still done ‘in-house’. Luckily, there is no shortage of talented cover designers, type-setters, editors and proof-readers within the group.

All nineteen of Writefree's anthologies on display at KSP Writers' Centre

The group is set to launch Platinum Ladies on Sunday 23 October 2016 from 2.00pm at the KSP Writers’ Centre. Best-selling author Anna Jacobs will be launching the book, and KSP Chairperson Tabetha Beggs will offer a champagne toast and special presentation to the group to honour the twenty year 'platinum' milestone. The Minister for Culture and Arts, the Hon John Day MLA, will be in attendance as a VIP guest.

Please RSVP for catering purposes to the Writefree group facilitator Jane Wallis on or 0438 901 689.

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