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January Holiday Hub Shenanigans

During the summer school holidays, I was once again privileged to run the KSP Holiday Hub program, a full day workshop with a small group of young, energetic and motivated writers.

The morning was spent preparing for, and conducting, an interview with WA-born writer Campbell Jefferys, who has managed to make a living from his writing by thinking more broadly and laterally than simply writing books - although he does that very well, too. His advice for the KSP Holiday Hub writers? 'Turn your passions into writing'. You can check out what else he had to say (and hear the insightful questions our young writers asked) by watching the interview here.

Participants then acted upon Campbell's advice by writing on subjects they were passionate about. This includes Lily Graves’s ‘Top 12 Easy Study Tips’, Kyla Clark’s ‘Top 11 Clothing Stores for Tween Girls’ and a travel post by Holly Van. Rebekah Thompson has added fiction into the mixed with a short story titled, ‘Between Two’. Remember these names; with their energy and passion for writing, and the world around them, I’m sure we’ll be reading their work again in the future. You can read their work here on the KSP blog.

For any other young writers out there, these workshops run every couple of holiday breaks, so get along if you can. If you live locally, you may also be interested in KSP's weekly Scribe Tribe, which runs on Wednesday afternoons during term time.

Melinda Tognini

Author and KSP Holiday Hub facilitator

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