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Top 11 Clothing Stores for Tween Girls

Buying clothes can be such a pain if you are a tween. You must find the right balance between childish and teen. And no two girls are the same so finding clothes that suit you is a struggle on its own. Clothes are so expensive these days and allowances never cover the costs. I could go on forever complaining about clothes but my Aunty always tells me, "don't look for problems, think of solutions." So I have done some research (and by that I mean shopping!) and come up with a list of top 11 clothing stores for tween girls. These are my personal favourites, but if you think any shops that I didn't mention, please leave it in the comments.

1. Pavement Pavement offers a rage of beautiful clothes for kids aged 8-16. The shop has many stylish items that won't brake your piggy bank. This is my favourite shop because there is a wide variety and the accessories are really cute. If you ever find yourself in there be sure to check out the clearance section. I recently bought a coat from there that was originally $100 and I got it for $20. Bargain!

Best place for: accessories Style 9/10 Price 7/10 Quality 8/10 Total 24/30

2. Myer Myer is a bit more expensive but the clothes are stunning! My favourite brands from Myer are Tilli and Bardot Junior. You must check out the sale because you can save lots.

Best place for: quality Style 8/10 Price 5/10 Quality 10/10 Total23/30

3. Target If you need an essential or don't want to spend to much this is the shop for you. I love Target because every thing is so cheap! You can buy an entire wardrobe for under $30.

Best place for: basics Style 7/10 Price 8/10 Quality 7/10 Total 22/30

4. MRP Mr Price is very cheap and hipster. Everything is funky and trendy. I got some great deals in this shop. It has a wide rage of sizes which is great for petite and plus size girls. The they shoes are very pretty and fashionable.

Best place for: shoes Style 8/10 Price 9/10 Quality 6/10 Total 21/30 Ages: 8-12

5. City Beach I buy all my bikinis from here. If you love the beach life this is the shop for you. It is a bit pricey but the quality is top notch. You can find all your favourite beach brands here including Billabong and Rip Curl.

Best place for: bathers Style 9/10 Price 6/10 Quality9/10 Total 22/30

6. Sports Girl This store is a bit more grown up, but I love the beauty range. I could spend hours trying on skirts and testing nail polish. Sports Girl is not too expensive but I end up spending about $60 in there because I want everything in that shop!

Best place for: makeup Style 8/10 Price 8/10 Quality 8/10 Total 24/30

7. Free by cotton on Great brand. I love the active range, although the sizes are quite petite.

Best place for: active wear Style 7/10 Price 8/10 Quality8/10 Total 23/30

8. Cotton On A more grown-up version of free by cotton on. Cotton On clothes have a basic casual style, and go with everything. This shop is not expensive. I love the T shirts they sell.

Best place for: cool t shirts Style 6/10 Price 9/10 Quality7/10 Total 22/30

9. Zara A very unique and expensive shop. The clothes are smart and original. I love the shoes. I'd usually spend about $30 in here.

Best place for: unique clothes Style 9/10 Price7/10 Quality 8/10 Total 24/30

10. Top Shop Top Shop is awesome. The clothes are trendy and have a young feel. A mix of hip and chic.

Best place for: trends Style 9/10 Price 8/10 Quality8/10 Total 25/30

11. The Salvation Army Saved the best till last. The Salvation Army (Salvos) is a charity shop. I love charity shops because you never know what you will find. As a bonus all the money goes to help needy families and you can get some awesome vintage original bargains.

Best place for: bargains Style 6/10 Price10/10 Quality 8/10 Total 24/30

About the Author

Hi! My name is Kyla and I am a young Australian girl from Perth. I love fashion, acting, photography and writing stories. I am currently working on a sci-fi/action/romance novel which I hope will get published in the next couple of years. When I grow up I want to be either a blogger, actor or in the fashion and makeup business.

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