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The Sun has DNA!

An Australian-led team of galactic archaeologists are embarking on a quest to search for the sun’s family! They have decrypted the sun’s chemical structure and have likened it to the DNA of the Sun!

As most stars are born in clusters, it’s very possible that our sun was as well. But the difficult thing is, stars and systems tend to move around a lot and now, the closest star, Alpha Centauri, is now nearly 40 light years away!!!!! Even so, scientists have now mapped the chemical composition of 350,000 stars in hope of finding the sun’s ‘relatives’.

Professor Asplund of ANU has pointed out that since stars tend to travel around sooo much, it is much wiser to focus on finding the proof and evidence that a star has been in a certain part of the Milky Way.

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Isaac is an 11 year old who enjoys writing urban/ historical fiction. He enjoys reading the Harry Potter books and all the books by Rick Riordan. He plays tennis on a daily basis and writes as his hobby. Isaac was selected as a Conversation Caravan podcaster as part of the 2018 Scribblers Festival.

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