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KSP's 2018 Meritorious Service Award Announced at Team Thank You Event

What an inspiring year! I had the privilege of stepping into the role of Chairperson of the Board at KSP following the delightful Tabetha Beggs at the end of 2017. I quickly learned just how much goes on at this community writing hub and second home for many, affectionately known as Katharine’s Place, a place in which the spirit of encouragement, teaching and sharing is still very much alive. The full program of residencies, events, groups and competitions would not be possible without the dedication of a faithful team of supporters, staff and volunteers.

Last weekend, we held a 'thank you' afternoon tea at the beautiful Cafe Mojo in Mundaring to acknowledge this amazing team and also announce the 2018 Meritorious Service Award. For the award, we invited KSP members to nominate someone who goes over and above the call of duty in contribution to the KSP community, and from among these nominees, the board of management (those who hadn't been nominated) placed a blind vote to find a winner. While there are so very many people who deserve extra acknowledgement, it was my pleasure to present this award to Lisa Holt, who is not only a board member and events committee member, but is also the facilitator of no less than 5!! KSP writing groups including a brand new group for Autistic authors.

Our other nominees this year were: Mardi May, Shannon Coyle, Elizabeth Lewis, Gavin Holt, Jane Wallis, and Robert Perks.

I must say a special thank you to our wine sponsor Patrick Bertola of Lion Mill Vineyards for his generosity. Because of his annual donations, we are able to giveaway wine as gifts to our team and also offer a delicious complimentary tipple to guests at all of our sundowners.

It really is a team effort to make all of this magic happen at KSP and I’m indebted to everyone who has shown me the ropes and welcomed me this year. You’re all doing a fabulous job to make Katharine’s place the warm, welcoming and inspiring community that it is.

I look forward to doing it all again in 2019!

The 2018 KSP Team in Alphabetical Order:

  • Clive Aldridge Public Fund Trustee

  • John Beaton Scriptwriters Group Facilitator

  • Tabetha Beggs Lavender Donor: Ghost Story Comp sponsor

  • Brenda Berrisford Librarian

  • Patrick Bertola Wine Partner (Lion Mill Vineyards)

  • Susan Braghieri KSP residents networking events team

  • David Caddy LitCom member

  • Chelsea Cook KSP and Wild Weeds Press intern

  • Shannon Coyle - Director, Newsletter Editor, Book-Keeper, Events team

  • Fay Dease Administration and Competitions Secretary

  • Brian Dibble LitCom member

  • Valerie Everett - Board Member, Hugo Award Coordinator, Events team

  • Sam Gray All-around helper and fixer

  • Valerie Goodreid Wild Weeds Press team

  • Ben Ivison Board member, Wild Weeds Press and Events team

  • Renee Hammond Home-schoolers and Scribe Tribe Tutor

  • Nathan Hobby LitCom, Newsletter Columnist, KSP Advisor

  • Zoe Hoffman Wild Weeds Press intern

  • Lisa Holt - Board member, Events Team, Facilitator of: Writers Circle, Autistic Authors Alliance, Room to Write, Scriptwriters, FiSH group

  • Gavin Holt Events helper and caterer

  • Holt Daughters Spooky Stories Night helpers

  • Ben Ivison Events Team, Board member, Wild Weeds Press

  • Michael Kyd Board member

  • Bill Leadbetter Rose Donor

  • Elizabeth Lewis Chairperson, Administration, Events team

  • Sheree Lewis House-keeper

  • Eris Macdonald Tour Guide

  • Jennifer Mapleson KSP residents networking events coordinator

  • Juliet Marillier LitCom member

  • Shey Marque Hospital Poets Coordinator

  • Mardi May - LitCom Coordinator, Past Tense and Poetry groups facilitator, Board member, Events team, Hospital Poets committee member

  • Phil Mayne Thursday Night Group Facilitator

  • Denis McLeod Public Fund Trustee

  • Rashida Murphy LitCom, Lavender Donor: CALD fellowship sponsor

  • Catherine Noske Publicity (Westerly)

  • Agnes O’Kane Tour Guide

  • Melissa O’Shea LitCom

  • Fern Pendragon Landscape Committee Coordinator, Events Team

  • Bob Perks Treasurer, Public Fund Trustee

  • Glen Phillips KSP Patron and LitCom member

  • Guy Salvidge LitCom member, Press Club facilitator

  • Peta Shaw Lavender Donor: Piano Tuning Sponsor

  • Holden Sheppard Workshop facilitator and festival stall helper

  • Bec Sheedy Events committee member

  • Flora Smith Lavender Donor: Poetry Award Sponsor

  • Laurie Steed First Edition Retreat facilitator

  • Douglas Sutherland-Bruce Publicity (Swan Magazine) and 2019 play advisor

  • Nicole Taylor Avon Valley Writers group facilitator

  • Melinda Tognini LitCom member, Press Club facilitator

  • Wence Vahala Non-Fiction Group Facilitator

  • Ashley Valli Office administration/film editing

  • Maggie Van Putten Hospital Poets committee member

  • Rose Van Son Hospital Poets committee member

  • Jane Wallis Writefree Women’s Group Facilitator

  • Lisa Wolstenholme - Secretary, Administration, Wild Weeds Press, Events team

  • Mark & Annabel Wolstenholme Events helpers, Open Day Harry Potter stall

  • Carolyn Wren Ghost Story comp judge and youth tutor substitute

  • Jaimi Wright Landscape committee member

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