Congratulation to Kaleidoscope Winners

On Sunday 6 October 2019, special guest Karen Throssell (grand-daughter of Katharine and Hugo), Wild Weeds Press and the KSP Writers' Centre launched 'Kaleidoscope' at the Colours of KSP 50th anniversary commemoration event.

The list of winners and Karen's launch speech is published below.

About Kaleidoscope: 'Fifty years after her passing, the KSP Writers’ Centre community have banded together to reflect on the life and legacy of noted Australian author Katharine Susannah Prichard. Whether it be the conjuring of fictional fancies, poetic reminiscences, re-treading of footsteps long gone or fond recollections of 11 Old York Road in Greenmount, these pages are filled with evocative tales that bring Katharine back to life. This commemoration anthology is dedicated to her memory, her essence, her legacy: Katharine Susannah Prichard 1883-1969.'

Photos above: Karen Throssell


Judged by: Nathan Hobby

Category Winner & Overall Winner

Rosanne Dingli - 'Impatience of the Bold'


Jane Downing - 'Child of the Tide'

Joe Harrison - 'Shedding the Chrysalsis'

Tim Nelson - 'Windows'

Rachel Watts - 'Children of the Hurricane'


Jude Bridge

Joe Harrison

Edwina Shaw

E.J Sun


Judged by: Nathan Hobby

Category Winner

Melanie Hall - 'The Geraniums of 1967'


Shannon Coyle - 'Dear Katharine'

Denise Faithfull - 'On Literary Pilgrimages'

Sarah Nicholson - 'William, Katharine, and I'


Mel Hall

Tim Nelson

Ian Reid

Tabetha Rogers-Beggs


Judged by: Shey Marque

Category Winner

Flora Smith - ‘Cross Purposes’


L. Ashby - ‘Your Letter’

Mardi May - ‘Contemplation’

Scott-Patrick Mitchell - ‘Ritual for Achieving Dreams’

Glen Phillips - ‘The Fire at Katharine’s Place’

Rose van Son - ‘Wild Nasturtiums’


Michelle Atkinson-de Garis

Kaye Brand

Connor Brown

Graeme K. Butler

Natalie D-Napoleon

Chris Durrant

Tony Harding

Heather Mackenzie

Fern Pendragon

Above: Judge Nathan Hobby with Overall Winner Rosanne Dingli

Below: Poetry winners

Above: Short Fiction and Non-Fiction Winners

Launch Speech by Karen Throssell:

It is a great pleasure to be here in my grandmother’s house— looking roughly as I always remembered it, except for the built- in verandah and the relatively ‘tamed’ garden. And how many others get to have one of their favourite places preserved, as well as being frequently invited back there, for events like this one?

We have always been an extremely close family, notoriously defensive of Katharine and Hugo, and determined to safeguard their true legacy and even the mythology from the depredations of the establishment.