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You asked me what I thought of you

and this is what I said,

“You’re funny, nice, and talk a lot!”

But here’s what I really meant:

You’re annoying, rude and smelly,

You kick me out of bed.

You play havoc in my living room,

You sit right on my head.

Your toys are left chewed on the floor,

You vomit on the carpet.

At the table, your head rests on my lap,

You wee when you see the vet!

But despite all of your flaws,

You really are quite sweet.

I love you to the moon and back,

Just please get off my seat!

By Annabel Wolstenholme

Annabel is a Harry Potter obsessed 13-year-old who likes reading and writing fiction, mainly fantasy. She also enjoys singing, acting and watching Netflix. Her favourite animals are dogs, narwhals and reindeer.

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