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Harry Potter: A Review

Harry James Potter was a half-blooded wizard and the only child of late James Potter and Lily Potter (nee Evans). Harry grew up being taken care of by his uncle and aunt, Vernon and Petunia Dursley and their only child and son, Dudley. On Harry’s 11th birthday, a giant named Hagrid came bursting down Harry’s door, telling him he was a wizard. Soon Harry goes to adventure on a train, on its way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Image: two Harry Potter books. Image sourced from:

Image: Harry Potter books. Image sourced from:

The genre of the Harry Potter films are Fantasy/Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction and sometimes Mystery. I think the film sticks to the type of genre and never really moves away from it.

The characters are very real – except for the part where they’re wizards – and throughout the movie series the characters grow up with you. They learn new things and bask on old things, just like real life and real people. The only unrealistic thing about the movies are the magic, wands, Hogwarts – obviously – and all the rule breaking; though it could be a symbol of sneaking off and rule-breaking when you are in your teens.

I think that the Harry Potter series is better than other movies because of the character's realism and growing up with the kids watching it. Other movies mainly have characters with very different emotions than what you would feel in real life, so Harry Potter characters just give off raw emotion.

The visuals and special effects were very good for its time; it made you feel like you were in the movie and experiencing these things. The sound effects fit very well with the movie and the special/visual effects.

I would definitely recommend the Harry Potter movies to others; it is one of my favourite and will keep being one of them for a long time.

The film made me feel like I was in it, like I was one of the characters living the adventure and drama in Harry Potter. It made me feel like a witch!

About the Author

Jaide Steddy is a 13 year old girl. She has two dogs called Sniper and Shadow, and she likes to write fictional stories and Harry Potter fanfiction.

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