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Vale Caroline Sambridge

Our community has suffered a tragic loss in the recent, unexpected death of KSP Writers' Centre member Caroline Sambridge.

Caroline was a prolific poet who had been a member of KSP since 2006. She attended KSP's Karibu writing group in Midland for many years and was a faithful guest at most of our Literary Dinners.

Caroline was an active person, being connected to many WA writing groups and associations, including the WA Poets Inc, Belmont Library writers group, Perth Poetry Club, and WA Bush Poets. She published one collection of poems, Licorice Allsorts, and her work was included in a KSP anthology with her fellow Karibu writers. The anthology actually took on the name of her poem: 'Brussels Sprouts Won't Kill You'. She also read many of her poems on 6PR and other local radio stations, and her poem for the 'Belmonsters' book was transformed into a song.

It was heart-warming to see over 80 people in attendance at a special commemorative gathering in Carlisle just for the writing community organised by WA Bush Poets president Brian Langley and his wife Dot. KSP's Chairwoman, Tabetha Beggs and I felt it was important to attend as Caroline had touched our hearts during our time at the KSP Writers' Centre over the past four years. With tears and chuckles, we heard many moving stories and anecdotes about Caroline from her friends and family. She meant so much to so many, and it was collectively agreed that she would have loved seeing everyone together like this.

I'd like to thank Sue Clennell for sharing a document containing many of Caroline's most recent poems, which will hopefully be published in the future. Caroline had a distinct poetry style, which always left people smiling and laughing, and pondering the deeper messages within.

On a final note, I'd like to share one such poem here, as it contains an inspiring philosophy for life, and epitomises Caroline as someone who really did live it to the fullest.

We will miss you, Caroline.

Life is Great

by Caroline Sambridge

Life is wonderful. Life's a blast -

even when it's overcast.

Why be miserable at home

when you can have coffee at the Dome.

Go on – get out – be inspired,

even if you've just been fired.

You don't have to get up at the crack of dawn.

For you a new life has been born.

You can go to the library for a talk,

or go downtown for an interesting walk.

You can go on rap tours with active rec

or go in the wild on a fishing trek.

A miserable job is not the best.

Life has given you a test.

Go on – get out – live your life.

Enjoy yourself without any strife.

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